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I Can't Register on!
Some users have reported not being able to register with certain usernames or email addresses. The registration page will, most times, tell them that their details match those of a known spammer.

We apologize sincerely if this has happened to you. Because of serious past spam issues, we have had to implement a few anti-spam measures and they don't always work properly 100% of the time.

If this has happened to you, please do one of two things:
1) Send a DM or tweet to @Airrest on Twitter ( or send an email to with the username and email address you'd like to use and we'll set up an account for you in a jiffy.

2) Try using a different username and/or email address. It could be anything. If that lets you register, you can send a private message to Airrest or any moderator or admin to let us know what happened. We can change your username and/or email address to whatever you'd like (even the one that got denied).

Again, we apologize deeply for an inconvenience this may have cost you, but tis the price for a spam-free forum, unfortunately. Please email with any questions, concerns, issues, or comments. Thank you for posting with us.