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New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Mekka - 12-05-2016 08:22 PM

Hello, folks. I'm Mekka. I just started my account on Abridged forums and I need help. I've been inspired by Something Witty Entertainment's hilarious Sword Art Online (SAO) Abridged parody series for a long time now, and I've decided to make my own version of SAO Abridged because I believe that it can be pretty funny, too. However, I don't want to do this alone, so I'm gonna tell you what I need for the first episode, including voice actors.

I need:

1. A writer with a good sense of humor for developing a script based on parodying the original episode's script.
2. An experienced editor for high quality and lip flaps editing (so that the characters say what we want them to say).
3. The types of voice actors for episode 1 listed below:

-If you can do the voice of a 15 year old boy who's super into video games and himself, then you should play Kirito, the main character.

-For a secondary male character named Klein, I'm looking for someone who can imitate an older gamer's who sounds kinda cocky but is actually a nice guy and takes RPG's seriously.

-And last but not least, the villain of the first arc, Akihito Kayaba, the evil creator of SAO who traps all the players logged in with no escape other than to clear the game's 100 floors, or kill yourself. For his voice, I'd prefer more like a calm, deep pitched announcer type voice. That would suit him best.

-I also need at least 2-6 additional voice actors for some of the other players' voices. I just want to include more potential funny dialogue for better humor.

I'll need many many more voice actors in the future, but I'll ask for them as we progress. This is just as many voices as I need for the first episode. If you want to be the writer for this project, please respond to me with a few jokes that could be used in this series. If you want to be the editor, you should attach a video with your editing capabilities within your response, but don't make it too long. I just wanna see if your editing is good enough. If you wanna be a voice actor, please include an audio clip with your preferred voice in your response. You can use any microphone you have as long as I can understand you and it sounds good. KEEP IN MIND: You have until January 2nd, 2017 to respond. The episodes can be emailed to me so that I can upload them to my YouTube account as soon as they are ready. I'd rather have a scheduled release date for each and every episode, but sometimes they may need to be delays. I'll try to take mostly any suggestion you give me into consideration because I want to cooperate with you.

You should also email me at Emperor Steve and the Dank Masterwith any of the information above about who/what you want to be in this project.

See ya soon!

-Sincerely, Mekka[/font]

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - spritestuff - 12-07-2016 09:39 PM

So what are you doing.

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - LeRoygendary - 12-08-2016 05:57 PM

(12-07-2016 09:39 PM)spritestuff Wrote:  So what are you doing.

Something that can be pretty funny too.

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Cedarwolf - 12-10-2016 04:45 PM

I could help with voice work, I won't fit any of your immediate roles as I am a girl, but later I could help.

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - MihaV360 - 12-11-2016 07:36 AM

I could voice klein or any other sub charactor...
18 male who takes Rpg very seriously... Wink

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - RogueDangercat - 12-14-2016 10:54 PM

Got any openings still for voice actors? I could be your kaiba

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Nandiach - 12-25-2016 05:27 PM

I'm sending an email your way.

-Voice Acting.

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - FlashRuler - 01-01-2017 11:54 PM

I sent you an email earlier today but I can voice Kirito and edit for you. I'm nearly the same age as him and I have experience in theater production.

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Mekka - 01-05-2017 10:02 PM

Hey, guys. Sorry about not responding for a while. I keep forgetting to check my emails. But hopefully, we can still take requests and finally get this thing started! Thank you all for giving my project a lot more attention than I expected. This makes me feel like I'm not as unnoticeable as my YouTube channel is!

Oh, one more thing! I should probably ask this question to just about every one of you guys. How can I find the emails that some of you already sent me? I looked in my drive and gmail, but I found no audio clips! Can one of you please tell me where to look?

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Mekka - 01-08-2017 08:14 AM

Hello, everybody. I have some bad news. I've decided not to do the SAO Abridged project anymore, at least temporarily. I don't know when I want to start it up again, but for a long time, I just can't do it. Although, I very much appreciate all of your support and attention that you've given me, but I have other things going on in my life and I'm so used to not having a lot of focus drawn to myself on the internet that the pressure of this whole thing just too much. I am truly sorry to disappoint you guys. But one day, I may want to come back and try again, so for now, I'll just leave the site with the last three words that Sachi from SAO episode 3 said right before her death,

[size=large]"THANK YOU, GOODBYE,"

RE: New SAO Abridged Project: Help wanted! - Mekka - 06-28-2017 06:44 PM

Hey guys, I'm back, and so is this project! That's right, after many, many months of time to myself, I've finally decided to give you nice guys and girls another shot at our very own SAO Abridged project! BUT...I trust that you can hang in there for like, 2-3 more weeks before we will officially start asking for help from you because I'm going on vacation in a few days. Afterwards, you'll all truly get the chances you deserved back when I announced this thread. So when I'm back, I'll start a new thread for this project, and then we can start on the requests. Okay? Okay! See ya guys soon! (I'm so excited!)